today it seems silly, jus…”

Amy Gregoryyeah – it was never a struggle for me either. I just did my own thing. “There’s Kenny; he beats to a different drummer’ they’d say. (teachers mostly). I had a few friends and I was ok with that. Yet there were always some people who “had a problem” with that and liked to mock my social standing. But social standing just wasn’t really a ‘thing’ that mattered to me; then or now. I d…idn’t like being teased though, but it wouldn’t matter *what* the teasing was about. When I saw “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” with my nephew a few years back, I related to the awkwardness and the taboos (the cheese on the ground that nobody touched was a classic) – but not his need for social standing. Even today it seems silly, jus… “

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