Today I realized:What does “expand the military and provide new jobs” mean? Put your head around this:

Today I realized:
What does “expand the military and provide new jobs” mean?

Put your head around this:

It’s a form of workfare.

Government provides jobs by putting people in military service. The expanded military means: more military. They’re financially taken care of. Ok, you don’t get rich off of serving but it’s a job.

Since American is _always_ at war with _somebody_, there will always be plenty for *some* of the military to do.

And the rest? Well, they can sit around, play ping pong and collect their checks every two weeks.

Until they’re needed…. and then, well, time to get to work.

So, I’m understanding better what all that means.

I’m guessing that people who are pro-military already understand this but being not much for military (I see it as a necessary evil for any country) it never “clicked in” until just this morning.

So: a conservative route might be:

High school, military service, then back to society at some point, perhaps retirement or perhaps sooner.

ZC course might be:
High school, job training, career.

A University course might be:
High school, University, career.

I’m sure there’s plenty of other routes:

High school, living with parents for longer periods of time, manage somehow.

I don’t know an ideal solution. I think a variety of options is best.

But at least I *think* I finally understand the “military solution to adulthood” a little better. Never made sense before.

I welcome corrections here.

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