to spread a successful idea, start a religion or movement and start marking. just how it is but its effective.

Very nicely done. You’re talking about Systems Thinking, which I’m a complete fan of. Psychology needs more of it and this is a fine chart you’ve made. I’d put it under the Positive Psychology movement.

For greatest success/presence,
you _may_ have to develop the whole process, including workbooks, testing materials, a set of CDs, and go on lots of lectures.. and write a book of the method and success stories once you get a few followers and have a few stories under your belt.

Anthony Robbins did that with his version of Neurolinguistic Programming and, it actually helped me a lot when I needed it.

No shame in joining the “Pop” side of things. It’s the fastest way to spread information; make it popular – make it a movement. You will have to endure the criticism by those who sit back and criticize, but that’s what critics do – they criticize.

But with this as a base-model, you could easily go far and change a lot of things.

Actually – all you’d need is a single enthusiastic follower to develop such a system _for_ you. Then you could be the Expert that they quote a lot. Yeah, that’s a better role. Making all the materials is a lot of work. I’ve been very c
lose to going down that path a few times when I had a stroke of brilliance I wanted to share with the planet.

I’m not making light of this at all; it’s brilliant. It’s just… one of the sad parts of the “way things work” in these times… once you have a great idea, what’s left?


Religion is an extraordinary form of marketing as is branding. Ugh I feel like such a capitalist American pig when I talk like this sometimes.

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