to mix up personal and political

<< .it goes beyond that to every gay person in America.

She chose to step right into the doorway of one of the most painful issues of our time. Now she is reaping pain and guilt from that.>>

I agree with that. That’s the politics side.

Kim Davis the Politician? Can’t stand her.

Kim Davis the person? She’s a person.

I don’t put political things on my timeline when I can help it, which is why I wouldn’t share it. This is a political meme. Is it based upon a person’s personal beliefs or based upon her political stance?

That’s where it gets messy. I try to keep the distinctions between personal and political as clear as possible.

She mixed up personal and political.

I don’t want Erek Tinker to mix up personal and political too. That’s the why I spoke up. I was actually talking to someone IRL about this very thread today while we were having lunch. The distinction is a subtle one and easy to miss. She missed it. She was putting her personal beliefs and taking a political stand. But I don’t want to exhibit the same kind of behavior.

I mean, you can of course. I’m not saying what to do/not to do – not really. It’s fodder for debate honestly. But just something to consider.

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