To me, there’s room for both. I’m a both/and kind of guy. What is the root of Philosophy?

To me, there’s room for both. I’m a both/and kind of guy.

What is the root of Philosophy?

There is the Study of the academic discipline of Philosophy and that has merit. It has a very strong base and the requirements for reaching the higher levels is seems quite steep.

Yet, you can go to 8-bit philosophy on Youtube and get an easy to digest Intro to Philosophy, so that requirement turns out to be rather easy. An hour two going through basics on Youtube and you’re ready to meet Paul Gibbons suggest requirements.


Philosophy comes from curiosity. Shutting the doors on curiosity by making entrance requirements for discussion reduces interest in the field by a great magnitude.

Sure, you get the discussions more at the level that you want, but at what cost?

Fewer and fewer people show interest in Philosophy because the entrance requirements are too steep. If you don’t meet the basic needs of people, and Philosophy *is* a basic need, no matter what came before… then they will turn to other disciplines or to none at all.

If you stifle someone’s curiousity, you can kill it forever.

If you want a special room for academic discussion of Philosophy, by all means, make one. But a general forum of Philosophy needs to meet the general needs of people – all people. Otherwise, the restrictiveness will kill it entirely.

That doesn’t mean ‘not having’ some basic rules of conduct. Or having some expectations. Perhaps a Philosophy 101 course isn’t a bad requirement, I dunno. But if Philosophy is powerful enough – and it *is powerful enough* – it can handle what are considered “basic questions” just as easily as it can handle the connections between Heidegger and Derrida… or whatever..

But really, it’s simpler than all of what I said above.
If you are not an administrator, you simply have an opinion.
If you wish for change to occur, then you must become an administrator and administrate.
Otherwise, it is an opinion with equal footing as my own or anybody else on here, even somebody who may not meet your qualifications. Same level. Equal.

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