To me, it’s 8 yr old kids in a playground, except they have real weapons.

To me, it’s 8 yr old kids in a playground, except they have real weapons. Every little thing is “significant”, gossip, grandstanding, and a few kids end up buried in the sandbox never to come out again.

The USA believes they’re being the school-master coming in to break up the fight, but they really just want to get the kids out of there to pave over the playground into extra parking spots.

I learned a little back in the 1980s. My mom was married to an Egyptian for a few years. She took the last name Bekheet – I was almost a Bekheet. She even got to go to Egypt for a month.

My mom learned a little arabic before going there, enough to read street signs and say a few basic things.

Anyway, it was useless. The dialect SHE learned wasn’t the dialect in the place she went to. It helped her reading but when she talked, nobody could understand a thing she said – a lot like learning Castilian Spanish and trying to go to Mexico.

I used to be able to read it a little when I was like 11-12-13-14 but now I’m 43, learned Russian in the meantime and a few other languages, and forgot the little I knew in Arabic. Writing it made my hand cramp.

anyway, excuse my skepticism. I’m a peacenik at heart yet skeptical of all-things-media so no, I didn’t bother trying to read the tattoo Nabil Ashour and for that, I was wrong. Also, I didn’t run it through google translate like I normally would have because I don’t care for war stuff or anything to do with war.

But I was lazy, not ignorant.

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