To do so, we have to discern the nature of empathy

My purpose is this:

I see a relationship between them. They’re found together frequently. Sometimes people who empathic are considered as non-thinkers. Sometimes Sociopaths are considered great thinkers but non-empathic. Sometimes people have different levels of empathy and thought. There’s a relationship there of some kind.

I don’t know exactly what that is.

That’s why I ask. To do so, we have to discern the nature of empathy. What makes it distinct from thought? What areas is there overlap if any? What makes thought different from empathy?

I’m not speaking of emotions here. Emotions can be invisible.

Granted, empathy is *also* invisible and yet, it’s not because it has a social component to it: an invisible social component.

I find this interesting. I don’t have a purpose beyond seeing an inexplicable connection that I can’t quite put my finger on just yet, and I need help.

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