To anyone running Minecraft

To anyone running Minecraft Servers that want to be able to analyze their server.log files on Windows — I have created a series of Windows batch files for that purpose.

While you can run them in a ”drag and drop” fashion, it’s better to be comfortable with the CMD interface (and if you are running a server, you should be familiar with that anyway).

I have created these so far:














I hope to eventually roll this into a nice, easy to use program. But for now, these are quick and dirty and they work. From these, you can extract all the player chat and nothing else, or look for a particular word, or just have the [info] or just the [warning] or cleaup the java throwup – or show JUST the java throwup.

I have a few different filters for the chat, since different things are used on different servers to deliniate the chat. One for dashes, one for left parenthesis, one for less-than < (which is the most common) - I didn't do one for brackets since that's kinda useless (the plugins all use the [INFO] [pluginname] - so if the chat is [INFO] [owner] simplify3 - it would be useless like that. But you can easily modify these files if you are comfortable in that environment.

Just let me know and I’ll pass them on to you. I’m hoping this inspires someone ELSE to write the fancy log analyzer. But it is a basic, quick and dirty start to a tool that minecraft server admins need and I’ll eventually write if i get the time :) =Ken of – Ken’s Server Naples, FL

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