Title: The Story of the Leaky Triangle

My 2014 Leaky Triangle idea turned into a simple story by ChatGPT4 based on my system-of-systems website.

Title: The Story of the Leaky Triangle

Once upon a time, there was a triangle named Tri. Tri was special because he could hold ideas about everything in the world. But Tri had a problem – he was leaky. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t hold all the ideas inside him. They would always find a way to leak out.

1. Tri’s Problem

Tri was sad about his leaks. He wanted to hold all the ideas about the world perfectly. But no matter what the idea was about – animals, stars, numbers, or even stories – some part of it always seemed to escape.

2. Tri’s Discovery

One day, Tri realized something. The world was too big and too wonderful for him to hold perfectly. There were always new things to learn and discover. The leaks weren’t a bad thing – they were a sign that the world was full of surprises!

3. Tri’s Friends

Tri noticed that when his ideas leaked, they would flow into other shapes around him. The ideas would mix and change, creating new and exciting thoughts. Tri realized that everything was connected in a big, beautiful web of knowledge.

4. Tri’s Predictions

Even though Tri was leaky, he found that he could still make good guesses about the world. He couldn’t predict everything perfectly, but his guesses helped him understand the world better and navigate through his day.

5. Tri’s Simplicity

Tri learned that sometimes, it was easier to understand big, complicated ideas when he broke them down into simpler parts. Even though he was a simple triangle, he could understand complex things by looking at their smaller pieces.

6. Tri’s Invitation

In the end, Tri understood that he was just one part of a big, beautiful, and complex world. He invited all his friends to share their ideas and help him learn more about the world. Because learning and discovering new things was always more fun together!

And so, Tri the leaky triangle learned to love his leaks. They weren’t a flaw, but a sign of the endless wonder and complexity of the world. And that made Tri very happy. The end.

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