tips for minecraft multiplayer lag – advice i gave in yahoo answers

DISABLE WINDOWS SEARCH. So damn simple I wish I remembered this old trick a long time ago: My Server, which is roleplay / creative and has 96 GB worth of Worlds (its way too huge – and I don’t delete anything) has grown to use up about 5G of memory on a 64bit Windows 7 system. Subsequently, it gets LAGGY. I’ve been fighting with this lag for so long now I just gave up… until today. I remembered an OLD TRICK from Windows 2000 days: Disable Windows Search. It runs ALL OF THE TIME – I NEVER use it. (do you?) It’s constantly indexing files “in the background” (hah – in the background is not true if you can’t watch a youtube video without hiccuping or your server takes 5 minutes to load) – …. it’s always working as files change — well, your server is constantly wrting changing to your hard drive, which windows search is constantly reindexing. Get rid of it – administrative tools : services : Windows Search – STOP and DISABLE. Or hit Windows-R and type services.msc – and then get RID OF IT! If you miss it, put it back. Forget the warning.. If you don’t use it, don’t keep it. Kenneth Udut Naples, FL

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