Tips for low-carb I used.

I had to eat two pears a day. I did Atkins induction back in the late 90s before it hit its 2nd wave, so it was hard to find stuff. I decided to make it low-fat as well. Not too hard, but I kept the induction phase longer and found myself pooping rocks. Painful. So I kept staying super-strict but added two pears a day. It was enough (plus my regular coffee intake which helps).

Let’s see: sugar + flour has to be evil to you. I never held back with artificial substitutes. [I have no ethical qualms about sweet ‘n low – they had to pump rats full of it for any effect so it’s safe, and cheap]. Cool whip is safe treat.

Diet jello’s useful. Try to find the ones with sucralose instead of nutrasweet (they make that kind now).

Get ready for a little brain fog at first. A couple of days worth. You get over it though. Your sweat is gonna stink ’cause the fat’s gotta get out of you SOMEHOW.

Keep your muscles up somehow ’cause your body is going to try to use up the muscle first and then the fat stores so you want to compel your body to not lost muscle mass.

For weight tracking, I found a moving scale helped. I weighed myself daily and plotted it on a 3-day moving scale average. That way the ups and downs didn’t matter just the overall trend.


Do you cook? Restaurant/fast food? If you cook, fast meals or involved? Thoughts on natural vs “whatever works”?


I’m not going to customize here :) Just presenting a few things that worked for me. I can’t give ideas including oil/butter as I didn’t include them myself, except for light oils and bacon (bacon has nice mix of saturated/unsaturated fat). Others ppl can give other ideas that involve butter and such.

I have one more from my files then I’ll stop filling up your comment section:
I’m obsessive AND cheap. Egg whites, Greek Yogurt, Cottage Cheese, soy or whey protein powder (don’t get the ones with sugar in them – gotta go artifical), EAS-brand bars and shakes, chicken breast and canned tuna shove the most protein in the cheapest foods that are also not fatty. When you go solid, learn your favorite spices – they make it bearable.



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