Time Travel with FreeBSD and VMWare 1990-2015

#Success ! finally  got around to playing with #VMware .  I wanted a program that only ran on #Linux  or #FreeBSD  – so I went for the challenge: a no-graphics FreeBSD install.  I haven’t worked with #Unix based systems heavily in while – and even then, I was just playing around.  I’m impressed by the progress.  So, I went from console, to Lynx to XWindows to KDE to Konquerer to Chrome.  I had NO IDEA what I was doing but I did it with as little “looking up answers” online as I could.

I know this is no big deal to those that already play with this stuff, but Ihaven’t bothered playing with virtual machines in a while.

It was fun watching the magic as it progressed from 1990 pre-Linux days up through mid 90s thorugh 2000, up to today, with Chromium.  I felt like I was on an archeology hunt, going through layers of rock in the grand canyon, reliving the history of computing., all in one night.

Now to find that program I wanted. :)

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