time may move around me but my tempo wants its own pace.

Actually it’s funny/interesting you mention that. I figured out my tempo for certain about two days ago.

222 ms 270 bpm 9/8 triplets – 810 bpm

It’s my most comfortable piano playing speed. Also, apparently, my speaking voice speed. https://youtu.be/IQvcpAG682E

I took an old video I made and set it to different tempos (using a suspected 270 bpm I got a few years ago the painstaking way) and trying different backing tracks that were playing at different tempos related to it. 270, 180, 90, and even a few odd ones that weren’t whole multiples.

Anyway, the gaps in my speaking or rather the gaps from expressing one concept and then a new one seem to coincide with cymbal crashes much of the time throughout the video. I was surprised actually, although I was hopeful I’d find out something like that.

So, my point?

Neither faster nor slower.

Time may move around me, but my own tempo does its best keep at its own pace, finally giving me an answer to those adults as a kid who said, “Kenneth beats to a different drummer”. I can tell them what that drummer’s tempo is now…. even though they were speaking metaphorically.

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