Time management is hard for me as I try to stay open and be helpful as much as I can.

Time management.  Yeah, I’m working on the cure for that.  They say, “Schedule yourself”.  Hah!  Impossible.  Being open to interruption while also remaining in self-control and scheduling the future while accomplishing projects I want to do?  Nearly impossible.  As soon as there is a “void” in my time, someone comes along to fill it with me paying full 100% attention to them.  And I do it, because, well, I consider it highly disrespectful to do otherwise..

But it sucks me dry sometimes.  I wouldn’t want to be alone-alone mind you… I kind of like the interruptions … sometimes.  But at the same time, I’m smiling and listening and getting involved in whatever they’re interested in, while a piece inside of me is screaming, “GO AWAY PLEASE I WAS BUSY YOU KNOW CAN’T YOU SEE THAT I WAS WORKING ON SOMETHING BUT YOU’D BE OFFENDED IF I SAID ANYTHING SO I WON’T BECAUSE I’M A NICE GUY AND I WOULDN’T WANT YOU TO LEAVE FOREVER”.

So, yeah.  Something like that :D

I haven’t been on Skype since last July, and even then, it had been a few months.  Everytime I would get on, I’d get so many calls from bored people.  Apparently I’m entertaining – and that’s flattering.  I’d hate for them to go away entirely… yet… I dunno, time management is hard :D

I ask myself the question: “Who am I serving right now?”  with whatever tasks I’m involved in.  That helps me a little.  Right now, I’m serving you – and I’m also serving me.  My niece’s cat that is here that I feed is walking across my keyboard at present.  In my head I’m going, “I’m serving Raiok right now and myself. You have to wait another minute”.

It helps me not feel guilty for ignoring her.  But now, I must feed her :P

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