Time is valuable. Is Time money? Love is like photons.

Time is valuable. Is Time money?

Well, value is fundamentally tied to subjective esteem. Subjective esteem requires thinking / feeling subjects to have a subjective opinion of it. A group of intelligent beings may decide to collectively create a standard value but it is collective subjectivism.

Yet not all is lost. Time is useful because time seems to affect all life forms and also all substances and also all energies and forms and processes.

Perhaps infinite freedom of movement but that can have a drawback, as “noise” has infinite freedom of movement, so there could be a lack of cohesion with infinite freedom of movement.

I’ll have to stick with Time as my current final answer.

Love as a verb works and it’s flexible. Is the double-bonding of chemicals a form of love? If so, perhaps cooperation/participation/love could surpass time as most infinitely valuable. Interesting!


Well, there’s yet no absence of time. It’s always doing whatever it is that time does. So, is time truth? It’s certainly stable enough to be truth.


Is love and/or truth stable, I wonder? Is stability part of a function of truth?


On the contrary, change is. Truth would have to conflate with change then?


Love, time and change are aspects of “relationship”. Perhaps infinite relationship?


It’s these lines of thinking that keep me publicly saying “agnostic but never atheist”. If there’s such a thing as an infinite of love, hence infinite of relationship and change, “from infinities to infinities”, there would necessarily be some way of speaking of the ultimate expressor of such. 10,000 bad definitions don’t eliminate the need of a concept, only one or a few good descriptions are needed. So, I dunno.


Many fascinating aspects of love. Love, first off isn’t really a noun but rather an action, a process, participatory – ‘loving’. Continual participation.

Another is that it has properties similar to photons. Photons aren’t exclusive: they can overlap and occupy the same space and time perfectly fine and gets stronger in so doing.

Photons don’t travel alone, hardly ever. Photons seems ‘divide and spread’ without end, the property of increase is within it.

They can be blocked, just as love can be blocked, but when photons hit the blocking surface, they change that surface and over time (there’s time again), they can affect change in the blocking substance itself so that eventually the photons can go through. Even when they are reflected back, they change in the process, changing color, wavelength, ange, etc.

So, there is hardly any way to stop photonic activity and there is hardly a way to stop love.




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