Ties into the same neural circuits as religiousity

There’s a God of the gaps in play whenever someone waxes poetic about the Universe and its awe and wonder and “we are made of star stuff” and the like.

Ties into the same neural circuits as religiousity. Same for a mathematician when they talk about the “elegant formula”.

Still a religion even if it’s not formalized and doesn’t use the word God. Doesn’t make it wrong or bad either but it still has religious qualities.


It’s a shell game if someone says, “There is no Rational Evidence about God” and then says, “But Logic allows us access to Truth” and begins to wax poetic about the awe and wonder and perfection of Logic.

I could give dozens of examples. Old religions die off, new ones are born but they’re just not called religions anymore. Not a bad thing, just a shifting of the pea under the shell in the game.

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