three week immersive course in Philosophy, 3 week summer program

That would be a considerably Interesting exercise for *this* member of the peanut gallery.

Instead of One Week, how about a Three Week Immersive Summer Program. 25 students living and breathing Philosophy under your tutelage.

It is Seedy’s Summer Camp. Any setting – it doesn’t have to be a Camp with a Murderous Lake, although it can be.

No outside distractions allowed. All electronics forbidden. All discussion topics outside of course material may result in severe consequences.

They will live there for 3 weeks. The program is yours. There is other adult supervision who follow even stricter rules than the teenagers.

I’m assuming 12-16 hour intensive days, with a little time for scheduled sleep and eat and hygiene matters x 3 weeks. 21 days.

I am basing the “conversations are solely to be on the subject matter” by a successful immersive language set of courses from Middlebury. Each student signs a pledge:

“In signing this Language Pledge, I agree to use ______________ as my only language of communication while attending the Middlebury Language Schools. I understand that failure to comply with this Pledge may result in my expulsion from the School without credit or refund.”

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