Three subjects that appear in at least three topics are:

Three subjects that appear in at least three topics are:

Topic 5 (Interdisciplinary Social Sciences)
Topic 9 (Interdisciplinary Education & Knowledge)
Topic 16 (Interdisciplinary Topics Exploration)
Interdisciplinarity involves combining different fields of knowledge or academic disciplines to address complex problems, create new ideas, or enhance understanding. In these topics, interdisciplinarity is a central theme, emphasizing the importance of integrating diverse perspectives and areas of expertise.

Consciousness and Perception:
Topic 6 (Cognitive Neuroscience and Perception)
Topic 8 (Communication, Cognition, and Creativity)
Topic 13 (Philosophical Space-Time Inquiry)
Consciousness and perception deal with the way we experience and interpret the world around us. These topics delve into the cognitive and philosophical aspects of human consciousness, perception, and cognition, exploring how our mental processes shape our experiences and understanding of reality.

Topic 7 (Arts and Creativity)
Topic 8 (Communication, Cognition, and Creativity)
Topic 12 (Expressing Through Writing)
Creativity is the process of generating new ideas, artistic expressions, or innovative solutions. In these topics, creativity is a key component, whether it’s through artistic endeavors, problem-solving, or effective communication. They highlight the importance of fostering creativity in various domains and the value of creative expression.

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