Thoughts on lowering drinking age to 18. Some things that would be easier from a systems point of view maybe.

Exactly. Will there be abuses at first? Sure. Everytime they lower the drinking age, there’s problems at _first_. But give it enough time, and the excitement will settle down. They usually bring it right back up again whenever they’ve tried it in the past.

Plus, I thought of this too: It’s often hard to tell the difference between 18 and 21 yr olds at a glance.. But, it’s usually easier to tell the difference between 16+18 yrs old. [I think, anyway and of course this is a huge generalization]

Thinking as if I was a person whose job it was to serve alcohol (liquor store, bar, etc), it would be a lot easier to proof on sight.

The reason I’m thinking this is: I think ppl do most of their drinking before it’s legal, often because it’s not legal yet and once it’s legal it’s like, “meh, whatever”.

But if it’s legal (and once it stops being novel) at 18+, the “ooh, it’s illegal factor” will drop in age and anybody whose job it is to play “age spotting” to keep ppl from breaking laws would likely have a much easier time of it.

I know it’s superficial – likely ridiculous. But I’m trying to think of it from a systems point of view: how it would affect day-to-day activities in a town or city and all of the people that are involved in the process of liquor usage and regulation.

But ultimately, I agree. You’re 18. You’re supposed to be an adult and yet you’re not yet.

This extends to other things as well, such as minimum age to be President of the USA and such, but I guess changes have to start in different places for different reasons.

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