Thoughts on categorizing, uniqueness and patterns

Thoughts on categorizing, uniqueness and patterns
I find categorizing a fascinating thing for that reason; it’s something I have great difficulty doing with certainty.

I believe in a bucket for each thing so to speak. My ideal organizational scheme would be purely locational; Here is a thing, and here is where it goes. It is not a part of a class of things; but it is a unique thing, with its own birth, lifespan and dissolution. There may be other things that could be considered similar but also dissimilar at the same time.

I’m fascinated by uniqueness. It has a living, dynamic quality to it.

I also enjoy patterns and interpretations. Fascinated by them. I enjoy absorbing the patterns used by others and then connecting my own dots.

If I look at the night sky, it’s nice to know, “This set of stars is considered the Belt of Orion”. I enjoy know that.

Yet at the same time, I like connecting my own dots, making my own pictures, based on, well… “me”, and sharing that with others, so they can see through my eyes for a moment.

I like to see through theirs as well.

Do some sets of eyes have greater validity than my own? Yes. I’d go so far as to say that other sets of eyes have a greater validity, because THEY SEE what I cannot, and all I can do is map my understanding of what they see, to my own maps.

I know my maps and they’re always changing and I don’t need to be as certain of my own maps but I learn a lot from other people’s certainties. I find what suits me and set aside that which does not, not as invalid, but rather, invalid for me.

Until I fully comprehend “me”, I don’t feel qualified to speak for the rest of humanity, even if I appear to from time to time. :)

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