Thought for the day: I had

^Thought for the day: I had to pause and think about this for a moment. It really is true – secrecy SEEMS to bond people together, but its very weak and very temporary – more secrets have to piled on very quickly to maintain the bonds. Then secrecy becomes a way of life – and someone who keeps secrets with you, keeps secrets from you. (a culture of secrecy). Subgroups of sub-secrets form, and those subgroups split off and keep secrets from the subgroups and the main groups. Secrecy acheives the opposite of its intentions – instead of increasing power and control, it makes for a great weakness – a house of cards built on a windy day. (actually, I liked the keyhole in the eye – that's really why i reposted this, but I thought I'd make it a 'food for thought" item instead of, "Ooh, look at the keyhole – how symbolic!")^

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