[thought experiments are detestable things – so unrealistic]

Thank you smile emoticon I can answer that question.

a) Where is the impoverished couple?
b) When did they decide to have 10 kids?
c) When did they discover they couldn’t afford to feed them?
d) Were they on government assistance?
e) Did the government assistance run out?
f) Did they try means to supplement their income in order to afford to feed the kids?

Or is this a fiction?

ASSUMING that it’s real and not a make up story [thought experiments are detestable things – so unrealistic]

ASSUMING everything you said was true and they RATIONALLY decided,

“We’re going to have 10 children. We are not going to have enough money to pay for them to eat. The children are going to starve. We don’t care.”

Are the parents starving too?
Then this is their normal. It is not immoral.

Are they eating well while the children starve?
Then they are abusive.

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