Thought Collector: Getting

Thought Collector: Getting closer to my goal!

This has ben my goal for many many many years. The technology just hadn’t caught up with ME yet.

$39.95, matches my shirt too.

I’ve just typed 10 pages into my iPhone in my front pocket.

I touch type. I can type blind – I don’t need to see my words showing up – I know whether I got them right or not.

This is as small as I can type-type with. The input device is perfect.

I carried it with me in the store and only felt a tiny bit strange. After a few times I won’t think twice about having it with me at all times.

The iPhone in my pocket means that nobody can see what I’m typing – it’s none of their business.

and using Documents from the App Store means every word is auto saved.


Time will tell.

But a step closer to my goal.

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