those are the same types of things said by politicians against their enemies

Fair enough. It’s just, those are the same types of things said by politicians against their enemies for the ears of their followers. It conveys the same tone, gives off a similar impression (to me) of a street preacher complaining about the soulless capitalism in the community destroys our neighborhoods and the like and complaining about politics-as-usual.


When I *was* into religious stuff, the Bible wasn’t the main focus. It was a supporting document, not the main affair. Rather it was the community surrounding the people gathering and the humanistic values they had in common.

I was raised to believe that people who take the bible literally are just as nutty as people who see all Christianity as the same as bible literalists.

Most stuff in the Bible is allegorical and metaphorical and interpreted that way. I was raised Methodist, went through some churches, even ended up Eastern Orthodox for a time (almost became a monk) – now agnostic.

But never was the Bible anything more than a supporting document for a surrounding culture of people trying to be good and make the world better.

So, I never had a beef with the religions I was involved in.


It’s ok. I chalked it up to enthusiasm. I’ve had it pointed out to me that I have a tendency to “rant” at times online.

I didn’t like that. I wrote a whole page once explaining how I’m NOT someone who rants…. until I read it.

They were right and so, I toned down a little. Sometimes we can give off unintentional impressions that we can’t see, so that’s why I was pointing it out. Thanks for listening btw – What I said might be completely wrong, but I appreciate that you listened.



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