those are just cultural holdovers from a Protestant-era Reformation obsession with Revelations “end-of-the-world” scenarios

hat’s how I look at it. I’ve gone so far that, a few years ago, I wrote up a whole scientific religion. Totally accurate and changeable upon new evidence. I only make it go far enough back to the primal star going supernova, the giant supermolecular gas cloud it collided with and gravity as Triiune ’cause, as far as we know, that’s what _literally_ makes up the fingers on your hands and the computer in front of you and the sun shining in the sky.

Hymnals will respect (no worship needed, just respect) each of the elements, different scientific theories that are solid and agreeable and avoiding the hot-topics.

By only going as far as the primal star, it allows for inclusion of atheist, agnostic and theist alike, although as an anti-theist you might have a beef with it tongue emoticon

Plant churches worldwide as a supplement to regular services for the religious and as a community place for the non-religious who feel there’s “something missing” and they want to express their awe and wonder of the Universe with others who feel the same way.

Then, the different groups can have their tug-of-wars at the annual Festival of the White Blood Cell over the heavy issues, and have the “no God is better than your God / My God is better than your God” arguments” over coffee hour but they’ll all at least gather together in respecting gratitute for the stuff there’s agreement on, which is really most of it.


This way it doesn’t MATTER if God made the Universe, mathematical Universe that never began in the first place, or extra-dimensional bulk sparking the Big Bang etc.

Those parts will just not be a part of it. Just the agreeable stuff of science. Easy.


well I don’t worry too much about apocalyptic visions of the future.

To me, those are just cultural holdovers from a Protestant-era Reformation obsession with Revelations “end-of-the-world” scenarios that found their way into our cultural narrative, including the narrative of non-religious.

So far, we haven’t wrecked ourselves totally yet, and I don’t see any reason why we’re going to start now. Lots of threats but actually ending-it-all? Naw. Too many people who want it to NOT happen.

Besides, if the population went back down to 100 million? We’d be fine as a species. But I don’t expect that to happen tongue emoticon

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