“This song works with all of

“This song works with all of my animations!!!!” -Kéké‏ @Kekeflipnote

There’s an twitter famous animator who takes meme pictures and animates them exclusively on Nintendo 3DS Flipnote animator app.

A fan discovered that all of the animations line up with a quirky song from an old show, Cowboy Bebop, much to her surprise.


“The song is “Cats on Mars” by the Seatbelts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97xfV6yXcrk … Huge thanks to @dirtybiology for the discoverry cause oh my god I tried over 300 animations and it ALWAYS match so perfectly gosh And I love Cowboy Bebop so hard, HOW I NEVER SEEN THAT !!! Choqué !”

Kékéflipnote – Kévin Gemin
from Facebook https://ift.tt/2vtBygV

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