this really is tough stuff to pin down with precision and very easy to step into unwanted territories…

This is good for me; it’s helping me to identify the many flaws in how I am attempting to describe what I believe my beliefs to be, by having a few of my words compared to known systems.

I most definitely overstated my point (which was based upon an incorrect interpretation on what you had written)… as I don’t see myself as a believer in Epiphenominalism as an entirely complete model.

Taken out of the context of the rest of what I said, though, I can see where that statement has Epiphenominologicalist leanings. [say that word three times… wait… maybe not]

*whew* this really is tough stuff to pin down with precision and very easy to step into unwanted territories…

I don’t see them as a mirror.

I stated:
“I see them as co-dependent reinforcing systems.
I don’t believe they function in a balanced fashion either. “

In short, not a mirror. I see them more akin to emergent properties based upon their relationship with each other, which is not a closed loop either, but requires an ongoing dependency upon the environment.

a reinforces b reinforces c inhibits a reinforces b inhibits a

That type of relationship, not as a strict linear causal chain.

My leanings towards embodied cognition [which I did not explicitly state in these writings but have in the past) indicate this, as we have a history of these discussions, although it was my error to depend upon your recollection.

In short, the system as a whole must be considered, with things picked out for analysis for occasional convenience, without losing sight of the entirety in the process.

Example: You picked several quotes, lifted them from my text, then expanded upon them _as if_ they stood alone.

They did not stand alone however.

Taking them out of context to define what sphere they fall into is helpful, as I will attempt greater caution in choosing my words carefully, but I would hope that the other statements within the context successfully defend an embodied / grounded / enacted / reflexive mode that sees the mind/body problem as necessarily part of its environment and inseparable from it.

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