this monster is also quite

this monster is also quite unique because it is *female*. Haven’t seen a girl monster ’til now.

She has a fire in her belly as well, like the anteater scorpion, but her whole *belly* is fire.

when it rains just a little, she gets annoyed. But when it rains really really hard, her fire doesn’t go out – it *grows* – that’s what keeps her dry when it rains.

Notice something interesting about this picture: You don’t see her head. She is *so big* that her head doesn’t fit on the paper! (he drew her head on _another_ piece of paper, a mean face with furrowed eyebrows and a *big* mean frown).

You can’t go near her. if you touch her, she *burns* you. (I had a few ex-girlfriends just like this monster) . she’s just plain old terrifying. Her legs and arms are fatter than elephant legs. There’s also *red smoke* that pours out of her.

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