This moment-of-zen is for you, Timothy Fugmann – as thanks for introducing me to the marvels of Pipe Organ music back in Vail-Deane and beyond. When I first heard Coldplay’s Fix You a while back I remember thinking, “WHERE DID i HEAR THAT BEFORE?” Then, a few minutes ago it clicked in – Widor’s 5th Symphony, Opus 42, No 1. [ok, all I remembered was Widor 5th, and the tune of course, which I always liked]. To test, I quickly stuck both in Audacity, changed the key and stretched out Widor and there it was. Stuck a caption on it. and YES I MISSPELLED TOCCATA but I’ll stand by it just the same. I shoot for *speed* over accuracy… as… my piano playing attests to… and… my misspellings and what not. Still waiting for my magical Editor-Of-Everything-I-Do to fall from the sky. :P Enjoy!


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