This might become the largest single GeoTIFF of a Minecraft map when its done.

22 Gigabyte TIFF (image) file.. and growing.
feels like genius – I understand the GeoTIFF format, the .wld files from ArcGIS, how to make a custom coordinate system that doesn’t have to correspond to #Earth and, finally am putting together a working procedure to generate 1 pixel=1meter=1 block maps big enough to handle the biggest #Minecraft #maps – using the #GIS tools that are designed for Earth-only.

Using #GeoTIFF format, and the GDAL tools, I’m able to take the jigsaw puzzle and have it put back together again.  [I created the Jigsaw puzzle by converting into non-standard Tiles… but then I couldn’t put it back together again.  Now I can.

It’s like seeing a puzzle, shaking the box, and opening it up to see the puzzle put together for you.  For me, it’s figuring out the procedure that’s more important than the final result.  Man, this is gonna be a big map when its done… but I might run out of HD space before that.big-plot-zoom-out


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