This means the people in power could force special laws on 25 and under, like they do with 18 and under.

What’s really bad to me is that age discrimination seems to be creeping up towards 25 instead of 17-under, which was bad enough.

When I read that blog in Marketwatch posted here the other day, it really hit me like a ton of bricks: Society is swinging towards MORE discrimination potential.

Let’s say “24 is the new 17”. Rules are put into place that make the age of majority 25 instead of 18, the theory being “They’re in college” like the blog talked about.

This means the people in power could force special laws on 25 and under, like they do with 18 and under.

Special court system. Special laws about where they can go and where they can’t go.

Special treatment by police. Special treatment about how they’re allowed to handle money.

It would be an absolute disaster.. and yet, things seem to be swinging in that direction. I hope she was just a lone kook author but I have a sinking suspicion that she’s echoing an opinion of a lot more people than I care to think about.


I don’t hate people for their opinions but THIS is one of the few cases where I can say: I hate someone. I hate Ann Skeet. Her argument was well written and that’s what makes me hate her: it has the power to persuade people. People in power. People who have the power to change laws.


About two years ago, Google was working on a “Separate Internet” just for people under the age of majority.

I think they abandoned the project (I hope!) but I can see it happening. Already, apps are restricting access by age (Tinder most recently banned users 13-17 from using the service – and I’m waiting for Snapchat and others to do the same) and I can forsee a time where simply USING the Internet will require registration, fingerprint access, retina scan, etc.

When proof of identity is required to get online, the restrictions will be automatic and out of our hands.

I hope this won’t happen, but the “What About The Children?” argument will be used if it does.


This is why I encourage young people to hack. Learn the system. Learn to work around it. Find ways to subvert the roadblocks.

The Internet is one of the few systems that has the potential for TRUE UNIVERSAL freedom for all.

It was created that way.

But there’s always people that are trying to take that away. Put restrictions in. They’re walls worth breaking down.



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