This is how I usually play.

This is how I usually play. I really enjoy extremely happy picture and epic music.

Those of you on my Vine [simplify3 Look me up] Might have heard this loop already. I posted it two hours ago.

The hardest thing to figure out, was how to push on the iPhone screen but also play with two hands.

My answer? I wear denim shorts.

I had to slip the phone, facedown on my bare leg And slide it up my shorts a little, to act as a vice.

At the very moment I let go, I had a maximum of six seconds.

Since I wanted to create a perfect loop,

And there is no way to edit the video, I had to be super fast.

I started playing with the right hand. Then I dropped the phone and it wedged.

The recording started, and my left hand joined in the fun.

It was an enjoyable technical challenge for a simple short video.

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