This is how I *could* be everything you’re not. It’s a stretch but follow along: Just for fun.

True, ALTHOUGH… hm – lets see if I can find the words:

Ok. Going COMPLETELY hypothetical:

…that which is “you” is really everything you’ve ever experienced, seen, heard, thought, all rolled into a thing you call your “me”

…it includes everything you WILL ever be aware-of in your lifetime and incorporate into you….

…you can’t see my private mind and you are never privy to it in its entirety…

…THEN it’s theoretically POSSIBLE that I am what you aren’t, because that which is “me” _could_ incorporate everything in the entire UNIVERSE that you will never know, see, experience in any way at all.

SO… in that sense, I *could* be everything you’re not.

But man, what a stretch that would be.

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