This is definitely a drug waiting to get hooked on. MandelBulb 3D

ok good. I was making an animation with it and then it crashed. Keeps me out of it. I have a slow old laptop with built-in video and I’d end up spending my time generating fractal animations instead of… doing whatever it is that I do. – this is perfect and therefore dangerous. This is definitely a drug waiting to get hooked on.


From 1989 ’til I don’t remember when, I found myself engrossed with Fractint. Didn’t know what I was doing and didn’t care. It was easy to use and made amazing images (for the time).

Since then, I indulge in the fractal drug now and again. With the generations, this one adds a really nice touch to it. Last time I worked with evolutionary images was some website a few years ago that let you go through hundreds of generations based on simple parents very quickly. Also addictive

===== Man, I couldn’t find that website yet. It was old-school, being from early 00s, although *this* revolutionary guy was from like 1991ish and got the whole evolutionary art thing started i think. Amazing what he produced in 1991.. or 1994 or whatever it was.

So I left the program after it crashes. Went back to other stuff.. then thought, “hey, i saw a mesh maker? no way” and went back in. – thank you for this program. No idea what I’ll do with it — still unsure if I’m ready to dive into a community (although I accepted) – but it’s right up my alley for sure.



I was looking at the page and I was amazed. I’d expect a piece of software that does this to be unable to run on my system but it runs just fine and produces some amazing things even with minimal toying around. I’ve actually been looking for something just like this on and off for a bit and this seems to be right at my level.


Me too! Had I come across it randomly, I would’ve assumed it was the same as the similarly named other program I have but it’s not. This is just right.






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