This is basically the systems model I figured out the HARD WAY of the neural system

Ah, been looking for you. lop-zand our engagement with the world. It’s not EXACTLY the same as the stuff I drew up (as I have an inner inhibition loop, although I suppose that’s part of the comparison function) but close enough that I could back it as “I believe this is true”.
I went the long way around (as I usually do), settling on “double-loop learning” as the best all-purpose analogy, with too many notes on NOR (parallel retrieval of “what’s left” after ignoring most everything else) vs the silliness of considering it simply “XOR”, NAND for serial retrieval, etc
Still, it’s nice to see something in a book and go, AH HA, I KNOW YOU!


  • lop-z (33.17 KB

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