This is an example of how powerful You jk are:

This is an example of how powerful You jk are:

Chew on these facts for a bit:

Dawn(36), Kimmy(21) and Robert(23) watch Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing On Rainbows Every night at 8pm about 20 times in a row..


Because Fiona (18 month old ginger) just has to listen to PFUDOR now every night before going to sleep or she won’t sleep.

How does she know about it? Draven introduced her by showing her the video of me singing it.. She fell in love with it..

Draven sings it in the shower. I hear him.


Because I made a Vine of it that he saw and loved.

Why did I make a vine of it?

Because  jk showed it to me, to distract me from something else I was talking about. I don’t know what I was talking about, because he distracted me from it!

I fell in love with it, and made a Vine, which is becoming hugely popular on Vine.

And to top it off..

Get this:

Draven did a JibJab of Him on a Unicorn jumping through the forest.

Draven says, ”Nobody knows. I’m a brony now. I record the show every day. Don’t tell anyone. You can tell Jason if you want.”

You, jk  affected a whole bunch of people here – some people you have never even met.

That’s powerful.

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