This is a rare ME in its na

This is a rare ME in its natural habitat.

Notice the subtle smile, the eyes that are kind and understand many species of the YOU.

If you look closely into the eyes of the ME you can see its retinal pattern reflecting on the inside of the black part of the eye which feels as if you’re looking into its soul.

Do not look deeply into the eyes of the ME for you will fall in love with it. Your saccadal patterns will start mapping out the contours of its face in greater and greater detail. That experience may frighten you if you are inexperienced in having prolonged contact with the eyes of the ME.

If you spot a ME in its natural habitat, do not run away.

Say ”Hey!”!

Or, if you wish to improve your own life beyond measure, say, ”Hey Kenny! You’re Awesome!!” Or other similar phrases.

You’ll get back 10x what you give. Mathematically proven.

And that is the end of our show. Tune in next time for…

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