this from back in 1988 was trapped in an obsolete format that none of today’s music programs can read..

Well, might as well put them up online somewhere. I’m still on the process of getting some stuff up. My problem I don’t really like any of it. it’s never “it”. Even hearing it now, in my head I can hear what I *wanted it* to sound like as I was playing and what I’m hearing with my ears is…. well, “not it”.

I liked playing with a built-in music program on my “Tandy 1000 TL/2″ – this from back in 1988 was trapped in an obsolete format that none of today’s music programs can read.. but about a year ago I figured out how to untrap it – it was a pain the ass… and got to hear it again for the 1st time in 26 years, which was pretty cool to me.

And yeah, never too late for piano lessons – but really you can make music with anything. Overdubbing gives you the power to turn anything into your own band or orchestra.



Might be. I was into horror movies a little (this was the 80s) and 16 yrs old, so when I was composing it on the computer, it’s likely some bach came up in there. I like arpeggios a lot so if arpeggios are bach-like then it’s likely I have a bach-ish style. [I like classical but never studied it- I just know the songs I like]


I like repetitive. Same theme played 20 different ways, different keys, minor, major, faster, slower, quieter louder, in different styles… and I’ll use a single musical idea ’til it’s exhausted if I have enough time. I murder a musical idea – and not in a good way either tongue emoticon


I’ll turn a sad song into a happy song, a happy sound into something that makes you want to kill something or me… it’s a good thing I keep it to myself mostly, honestly.

Favorite connection as a kid of 10 was combining the Funeral Dirge with the Wedding March – they fit together SO perfectly.


THE TAIL! It’s me… but NO – it’s not me! It CAN’T BE ME! Yet.. I feel the pain… but it’s not my pain… it’s another dog’s pain…. HOW CAN I FEEL THEIR PAIN? unless.. i’m using another dog’s mouth… oh, the PARADOX


Indeed. It’s why I never plunged in. I was supposed to go to Julliard as a kid. Didn’t want to. Talked mom out of it. Even at 11, I knew it wasn’t the life for me. The competition, the perfection… I could see it would suck the joy out of me.

At 22, a buddy started “Union Records” – I was going to be his star. Dragged me around from church to church, anywhere there was a piano, and record my playing in different environments. He’s an audiophile, made him happy.

Anyway, I wasn’t committed and after a lot of fun road trips (including getting to play the Bosendorfer with the extra octave at the bottom in NYC), I finally had to let him know. He was relieved too because he found being an agent was a LOT more work than he thought getting connections. So it worked out well ’cause a musical career wasn’t and isn’t for me.


music is hard to share. So stupid ’cause music was one of the FIRST things ppl were sharing. But… $$$. Industry. Gotta make a video to even share your own stuff. Soundcloud works well but it’s yet ANOTHER service to sign up for and learn.


SO many times ppl said that. ugh. I admired him as a person and his life. Worked my way through his biography… that is, before the AIDS thing anyway. But I never liked performing on stage, never liked editing, didn’t care about admiration. I play because I enjoy it. If someone wants to make money off of me they can but I don’t wanna go through hoops.


“Hey you play piano? Can you play [insert song]?”

UGH, How does it go again? (I force them to hum it for me even when I know it just because I don’t want to be ONLY one forced to perform something).

I hear a warbly thing for a few seconds, “Ok, got it” and play the song they wanted.

elementary, middle, high school, college, anywhere there was a piano and someone knew I played, I’d get that. I have thousands of songs in my head I can play but I don’t want to play any of them. I *can* but I feel demeaned when I do it on command.. stupid really but I just don’t like it.


Awesome, I look forward to it like emoticon and yeah I guess that’s how i look at it too. I gotta get it out of my system and move on.. otherwise, I’m playing a set of Beatles songs again, or Billy Joel, or “that piece bugs bunny played in the cartoon”… I can fake classical well for ppl who don’t know classical.

I love distortion: I did a thing once where I hooked up a couple of mics to a piano, ran it through two distortion pedals (I think one was a wah-wah the other a distortion) and into a tape deck. – had them cranked up all the way.

No idea what it sounded like ’til I was done. Part of the fun. Played it back and I liked it. Nowadays, I use Audacity on the computer and wreck other ppls songs by over-distorting them. Makes me smile for some sadistic reason when I do.

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