This episode shows his depth

I _loved_this episode. Peter proved his Doctor Who worth for ANY possible naysaying that’s left. It’s a shame that 6th Doctor never had that chance that I saw (I *still* cringe when I see his curly blonde hair) but the slow reveal of Peter’s Doctor’s deep inner character over his time so far has been marvelously scripted.

This episode shows his depth. The storyline was simple yet profound and shocking – far more than just “his groundhog day” episode. It was a journey into the mind of the Doctor in a way we’ve never seen before.


Oh I know! I remember the Rory episode. _SO_ effective. I choked up for him a few times. I couldn’t help it. I finally understood what Amy’s character saw in him that seemed elusive up to that point.

I’m trying to think of times where the Doctor was patient and waited. There _must_ be a time he didn’t just “run”. Going through the old episodes in my mind, I *think* there might be _something_ from the 3rd Doctor.. I mean his exile to earth was part of it certainly but he’s always entertained by humans. No, I don’t think he had anything close to this.

This was radically different. I love this latest concept of the Doctor.

The first time I remember was the Astronaut episode. You see a similar thing at Trenzalor. So much patience. So much time passing.

The idea of him having all of these long spans of time with stories we may never hear speaks to how old he might *really* be and why he really isn’t completely sure himself sometimes, even though he has his standard numbers he gives people.

But this? No, nothing close to this. Already some complaining about the clone issue but considering the nature of transmat technology and others like it, they’ll just have to get over it I think smile emoticon


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