Thinking about an old childhood friend

^Thinking about an old childhood friend who I doubt I'll ever be able to find, even on Facebook. Miguel Trujillo – we were buddies 'til 5th grade, when he moved back to Cuba. I used to go over his house just about all the time, and we'd play legos, with blocks, have adventures in his livingroom or backyard, or ride bikes up and down the street, cops and robbers, or we'd imagine "the creek' that went underground but was exposed for a space took us to other worlds, other places, play in the rain. Tried smoking his Dads cuban cigars once – yuck. Father was never around (working i guess) his mom was in the background, make us snacks sometimes. Miguel – wherever you are, you taught me how to share, how to be a good friend, how to be a good sport and most of all, use my imagination and share my imagination and yours. i remember every adventure. Cheers, wherever you are Miguel – I remember, even 34 years later.^

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