Thing to think about: Waves don't

^Thing to think about: Waves don't contain the same water as they travel across the ocean. They pick up new water to make up the wave, the old water left behind. Think about that for a second before moving on…

Now, all throughout your life, the cells in your body constantly regenerate, recycle and renew. The molecules that make up those cells get constantly replenished and replaced. Where do the new ones come from? From the air you breathe. From the food you eat. These new molecules replace the old and, in the end, you are not the same person you were yesterday.

We are like waves travelling across the ocean – the waters only temporarily making up the waves as they are passing through. The water makes up the wave, but the wave is not the water – the wave needs the water, but none of the wave's water is the same water as when it started- – it only borrows the water as it travels. We are the same, yet not the same at all. A thing to think about.^

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