Thing is… the annoying thing about money… it’s never really yours anyway. So, it’s not really theft from their perspective.

Thing is… the annoying thing about money… it’s never really yours anyway. So, it’s not really theft from their perspective.

I usually pay taxes though. I wouldn’t have to be the one having to figure out how to waste money. Let them do it for me.


Don’t wanna pay taxes?

In the USA, play with real estate. Rental income is tax free for example. There’s other ways too.
also, if you run a business, no employees: do 1099. [that’s how I do it].
It’s not difficult to minimize taxes. I don’t think of it as theft, but I do try to be smart about it.


Here’s my thoughts:
EVERY new president dismantles something ‘big’ from the last presidency.

I expect any of them – even Clinton – to take apart Obamacare and do something to “make their mark” with it.

Any of them will.

What that mark will be? I dunno.

But it’s an easy target for the next Prez to dismantle: and I’m confident they will.

A 1099 is Independent Contractor. People that do work for me are 1099. That means I don’t tell them HOW to do their jobs. An employee you’re allowed to tell them how to do their jobs.

That singular difference means: I don’t have to deal with quarterly return filing, unemployment stuff, etc. I did that once – pain in the butt. With a 1099, it’s up to the individual to do it for themselves.


Yeah, I think it’s more fair all around. Granted, it’s better to be an employee for a big company than have a 1099 because you get nifty things like stock matching and stuff, plus you can a weekly/biweekly/monthly paycheck you can depend on.

But still, I think 1099 makes things easier all around and the math more straightforward. Everybody gets more control over their money, from the company to the person being paid, to the IRS.


But the IRS _prefers_ the employee way because then they get paid FIRST, and pay people -BACK- for ‘overages’, whereas with a 1099, the person can just *poof* disappear, and the IRS never sees anything from them.


Let’s say that doesn’t happen though. We get social anarchy, chaos, people sitting on stockpiles of gold recover and rebuild and start over.

What’s the next answer?


I’m not asking sarcastically: I’d like an answer tbh ’cause I just see the rich recovering and the poor just ending up with less.


Well, I don’t think I’m a communist. Yet I took a political test (political spectrum I think) that put me as a “Social Anarchist” – whatever that really means.

I’m an individualist mostly. I’d like to see people working together for a common good but I don’t see it happening on large scales. Small scales? Sure. Neighborhoods. Communities. Ethical business practices. [reasonable profit, profit sharing programs, etc]. Church groups generally do a very good job at distribution of equity among members. [not the big ones of course – they’re just ripoffs]. So there’s some working models out there.


Interestingly, Sharia banking (Islamic banking) is a far better system than Western capitalism. Western banks require very little actual reserve to function, with nearly all of the burden put upon the borrower. But Islamic banking shares the burden of risk with the borrower, making it far more fair for everybody.



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