thinBASIC – I think I’m in love.

Back to #BASIC ?  Maybe!  I’m not embarrassed to be on a Windows machine.
Oh now #ThinBASIC – you’re gorgeous.  I love how anti-trendy it is.  It’s #Windows Only.  You get access to everything Windows can do.  ” #RealProgrammers consider it “only #Scripting ” yet it compiles to EXE files just fine.

You don’t have to write a whole big stinking system in order to GET STUFF DONE.  One of the test applications opens up Excel, fills in some Cells and closes it.

Direct control of Excel that I can compile to an EXE and distribute?  I like it.

Active system that’s has a strong user community who is making games and applications?

A language that’s SUPER EASY to learn, even for non-programmers?

You can control your Windows computer with it?  Yeah.  I like it.

It doesn’t play well with Linux?  Doesn’t play well with Android?  Doesn’t play well with iPhone?  Doesn’t play well with Mac?  YOU MEAN WE’RE ON DIFFERENT OSs?

Yes, yes we are.   THIS one is just for mine.  I like it.  I’m not running Linux natively, nor am I running a JAVA virtual machine.  NOR am I worried about compiling to XBox, Playstation, Wii U, 3DSXL

I just wanna make my computer do stuff for me and maybe release something awesome that regular ppl with basic common Windows systems can run.

Maybe I can do that with this.  First impression?  Impressed.

Makes sense.  I’m on a Windows machine.  I should use a Windows language that compiles Windows software that can be used on Windows system.

Elitist?  Nope.  Practical?  Yes.  #thinBASIC – a renegade that got my instant attention.

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