they’re talking about stuff *just* over my head,

they’re talking about stuff *just* over my head, which is what makes it so tantalizing. I’m following along, doing the exercises which are straightforward and terse but complete. The tutorial author assumes we’ve been following along, understanding as we go, but I’m just ploughing through, understanding 1/4 of what I’m doing. Suddenly, “OH THAT’S what that means” will click in on something that was 7 chapters ago.. Here’s where I’m at now. I’m like, ‘why did it go fogo?” for a minute? I scan back and forth from my results to the text shown here, and then “oh duh, it unrolled the array so the ‘o’ could be distributed to each member of the array… Haven’t been this addicted to a tutorial in a while. Going back to it.



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