They’re connected across hyperspace, always touching. Only looks far apart.

They’re connected across hyperspace, always touching. Only looks far apart.


I think its entanglement that creates time, Provides synchronization. Similar to a triode.


What happened is I was looking for a clock pulse. Something reliable and steady in the Universe, that would provide a capability for synchronization.

In particular, capable of creating a phase locked loop. (PLL).

From what I can tell, PLLs create order out of chaos via synchronization.

So, what in the Universe is synchronized and not affected by gravity or other forces that affect time flow?

Entanglement property is the only thing I found that could fit.


Interestingly, there really is no causality with entanglement. But, if you utilize polarization, which is not time or space dependent but PROPERTY (what ‘state’ is it in?), you can control encoding, which makes it useful as a really tiny switch.


Important to note: In Physics, “causality” is a term relating to the light cone and its speed. But utilizing polarization at such tiny areas, there’s no causality as we can’t utilize the property of the light cone (of speed) to determine causality.

One can think of polarization as “1/2 a light wave” and if you need a whole “light wave” to see, you won’t be able to see the half.


Why we can’t measure with polarized light? I don’t know Personally? I think the metric for causality is old and due for revision, although that would require a rewrite of a lot of things.


Oh good. A quick search shows I’m not alone in this. I didn’t think I had an original thought there as it seems obvious and I guess it was.


I probably read this a few years back (probably due to Zee Zee, put it in the back of my mind and forgot about it, where it percolated until needed again. [as in, now].

====== lol there it is. And I thought I had an original clever thought for a moment. But from experience my clever thoughts are usually tracable.



Love it! That’s why I think entanglement is the key to time. It’s synchronization and I know with human made devices, synchronization is the key to allowing things to function in a time-based manner. So, it seems logical that time would arise from synchronization.


  [because entanglement is a property unaffected by gravity] – I forgot to put that in
 Good viewpoint. I like it. Property might be a non-destructive shaping of context.

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