They were getting tested like every three weeks on shit.

Thankfully Common Core was killed before it went too far. My ne (5th grade) has dealt with it for 2 years now. Hopefully now that the “no child left behind” was finally removed a few months back, and Fed funding isn’t tied into test scores, Common Core will start evaporating just as fast as it came in. They were getting tested like every three weeks on shit.


In -theory- it sounded great. ‘let’s make educational standards’. But how will they know if it’s working? testing testing testing, statistics, statistics, ,statistics. No room for teacher creativity. No room for student innovation. Glad it’s gonna die. People aren’t numbers.


It proved to me: school sucks. School always sucked. School WILL always suck. There. I conjugated.


I’m an 80s kid (fortunate or unfortunate). My mom wanted to homeschool me but at the time she got told “homeschooling was for religious nutjobs” and they wouldn’t help her.

Things are better for kids now with the Internet schools and stuff.


Imagine the group is a violent river – the water is washing downstream across rocks – so fast, fish can’t even swim in there. Anybody who tries to raft down it is sure to die.

But off to the side, there’s little spaces where the water drifts in through rocks, and there’s a gentle swirl in it and you got salmon spawning.

So, yeah, we’re spawning. Sounds gross now that I’ve finished my analogy.



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