They get paid, treated ok, but they do work legal citizens around here wouldn’t want to do at wages legal citizens wouldn’t want to get.

We have mostly illegals living a town away from us in Immokalee FL. They pick the tomatoes, oranges, potatoes, etc from the fields, a lot of them for the fast food companies like McDonalds, Wendy’s, Burger King, etc.

They get paid, treated ok, but they do work legal citizens around here wouldn’t want to do at wages legal citizens wouldn’t want to get.


But with either a Trump or a Sanders plan, both protectionist, we’ll lose the Walmarts and Dollar Stores, and produce will skyrocket in price. I’m not saying the way we do things is right, but I don’t know if the solutions either one is providing is better.


Playpens keep babies safe from a big bad world they’re not ready to engage with. I think it works as an analogy.


Everybody seems to want their safe spaces these days, from liberal to alt.right.

Besides, Trump=daddy who promises to build a playpen for us or have someone else build it for us.


I try pronouncing it “yee-rows” but being from New Jersey USA, home of many Greek diners but with locals influenced by Italian-American talk, we would always order, “DJIE-rows” as the Greek owners would cringe. “yiros!” one would say on occasion but they just dealt with our bad language.


The notion comes from “circling the wagons”. Wild west. It’s not a position of power.


I don’t know anything about Mugabe, Zimbabwe, etc. My concern is this country and its future.

I’m all for pulling back on globalism somewhat: yes, it’s gone too far, too optimistic, too much corporate patent protection.

But full on Sanders (or Trump) style protectionism isn’t the way to go either.


Zimbabwe’s economy doesn’t even affect American economy, afaik. My concern is with America and those countries we trade with, and our relationships with them.


I _was_ impressed when Trump said he’d “reunite families” before deporting: THAT is a big deal and very important: Our current policy splits up families. If you are married and illegal and committed a crime, you are deported with no chance to return to your American family.

Is it better to deport the American born husband/wife + kids along with the illegal member of the family? I personally don’t think so, but under Trump’s ideas, they’d be reunited, elsewhere.

Nobody to pick the tomatoes. We’ll have to pick them ourselves. Minimum wage would have to go away: economically not possible to have tomato picking at $15/hr.

Or if we did, fast food would go away – not that it would necessarily be a bad thing for our health but still, it would be gone. Dollar stores, Walmarts, gone.

Hello Vermont Teddy Bear company, white slave labor under the guise of making america great… a return to the 1930s without social protections we’ve gained since then.

He wants to be Pharoah, not Emperor or King.

The _good news_ is, I’m not worried about it at all. Checks and Balances will make his campaign promises impossible/improbable to put into place. But he must know that. Politicians general campaign for things they can’t do anything about and when they DO try, it gets so riddled with holes and riders that by the time it comes to their signing of it, it’s a steaming pile of mess. [Obamacare, No Child Left Behind, take your pick].


My main beef though, is protectionism. Also, to beef up the military, would require bringing back the draft. Required military service = jobs [and being supported by the govt for those jobs]. With the equality now in place for the US military, this means everybody would serve.

But you see, this is politics in action and why it works: The current people don’t WANT increased military – they don’t want a reinstated draft.

So what to do?

Make it equal, which in theory it _should_ be, which will raise a stink and a call to remove Selective Service altogether … before Trump could enact a “bigger military” if he was to get into power.

Anyway, like I said, I’m not overly worried. But I’m still not impressed by the huge wall idea. It just strikes me as a playpen. We’re not strong and powerful enough to make it in the global marketplace and need protection? Well, maybe that’s just what it’ll be. In the playpen we go, except we get to build our own computers. That’ll be fun.



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