They don’t know sacred.

That _might_ work if they actually treated them as sacred. But they don’t. They don’t know sacred. Sacred is “set aside”, special.

Randomly sending mass produced Bibles into an area isn’t treating them as sacred. Printing Jesus’ face on a dinner plate isn’t sacred. Chopping up the text to prove a point while ignoring everything around it isn’t treating it as sacred.

They don’t know sacred.

===Depends on the Christians. I’m thinking in particular about a certain segment of people who refer to themselves as Christian who focus solely on “the numbers” and treat it like a Ponzi scheme.===Well ,what i mean is their justification for not treating the physical Bible as sacred (and why they feel free to pour cheap copies to anywhere) is these groups who feel this way consider treating the physical book as sacred as “idolatry”.

This is just a segment of Christianity. Other Christian groups treat the book with respect – ie – technically sacred.


The heavy marketed Christian-light is also usually the Christian right.


If they REALLY understood it, they wouldn’t be doing/saying 3/4s of the stuff they do/say.




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