They continue making incrementally stronger modifications.

They continue making incrementally stronger modifications.

It’s important to note that their plan is a long long plan. Instead of hurrying the open things up, they’re slowly shutting things down.

“In a week where Sweden’s prime minister issued a stark warning to the population that coronavirus restrictions will remain in place for months and may yet get stricter”

They have a strong open border policy which they can’t remove legally all that easily also which puts restrictions upon what they can do.


Americans are not used to rules like these. “Rip off the bandaid” – make it fast and painful. That’s America.

Sweden can handle distancing. They already do it. Americans are always on top of one another. and our restaurants shove as many people in as small spaces as possible.

So, this is part of the adjustment period. EVERY restaurant should be using this time to change tables and policies around – and they are.



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