They called me “the pony tail guy” even though I had short hair then. They “got” my message.

First spotted it at the age of 8. TV commercial bullshit. 5th grade, it was “teachers are bullshit” when I saw the teacher’s textbook and saw she was just parroting the answers in there.

Moved on from there.
Excellent analysis. I value comfort, which is function. I walk outside in the morning, determine the weather as best I can. I dress accordingly yet also prepare for the warm up later on.

Now when I worked in an office up north, I had a uniform. Business suit. Tie, nice jacket, I could get away with dockers thankfully. In that environment, I expressed myself via my ties. Yet, I’d often walk around with shirt half untucked, indicating an IDGAF I’m working on something important here. They called me “the pony tail guy” even though I had short hair then. They “got” my message.


I didn’t like the pinching feeling on my shoulders. When I was in 3rd grade, I had a chronic habit of adjusting my belt and socks in school. Of course it branded me but by 4th grade I got rid of the branding and thickened up my attitude against foes.

So, comfort / function was 1st.

Yet, in order to *keep* my comfort status, I had to develop a clothing “attitude” I wanted to express the following:

“I will do whatever you ask me to, *if* you respect my personal comfort.

If you do not respect my personal comfort in some way, you will not get the best of me”.

I prove it through my work. If appearance for them is paramount, I slack off to normal person levels or below.

But if they allow me crooked tie, untucked shirt and do not object even the slightest, I will move mountains for them.


Well, you asked an interesting question. I hadn’t put it to words before.

Imagine a conscious gift which can control their own contents.

Gifts are wrapped. That’s clothing.

If someone expects my wrapping to be perfect to their specifications, contrary to my _own_ specifications, they will get the perfect outer wrapping.

But they will have an empty gift when they open it.

But if they allow me my own wrapping, they will get the contents inside.


So, I use clothing consciously as a test : it serves multiple functions: For comfort and also as a person judgement tool.


Hm, I don’t think I have much in common with the Romani. But unconventional? Well, I’m conventional for me. I don’t know what’s conventional for everybody else really, although I haphazard guesses now and again.


I do as well. Men aren’t allowed a wide range of mood expression, but we’re allowed several different grunts, each with their own meaning.



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